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Anyone know why this is so expensive?

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Hi part guru's

I nearly choked on my tea when i saw the price of a middle seat support plate MWC5455 (>£90 each). Does anyone know why this is so expensive or any suitable alternative? Is it a structural component meade out of extra special metal? Can i replace with 3 mm steel (or similar) with hole suitably drilled and nut and bolt instead of captive nut?




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It'll be expensive because Britpart/Bearmach don't source them, because no-one wants to buy them, so LR don't make them any more, meaning they have a limited stock, and because they have don't have any competitors they can charge what they want, and because it doesn't fly off the shelves they live in the uncategorised bucket of parts at the back of the warehouse, so it takes them more time to fufil an order.

Supply and demand!

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