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Discovery 2, TD5, rear bumper removal


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I'm planning to have my vehicle undersealed.

To ensure as thorough a job as possible is done I'd like to remove the front and rear bumpers to expose a maximum amount of chassis.

I've removed the front bumper on a number of occasions without difficulty.

Any tips, please, with regard to removing the rear bumper.

Degree of difficulty, are all the fixings readily accessible, are the lights (fog, reversing) easily removed, can I legally drive without the fog lights connected, etc., etc.?

All contributions gratefully received.

Thank you in anticipation.

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It couldn't be simpler.

Reach up behind the lights and push the metal retaining clip on the side of the light unit (they're on the inside of the lamp, i.e. the side closest to the centre of the car). The light then pulls forward on that side and unhooks from the other side.

Squeeze the tab on the wiring connector on the back of the light and it unplugs.

Behind the lights are 2 19mm head bolts, remove those and the whole lot comes off. There may be the odd cable tie holding the wiring to it but that's it, the bumper is quite light as the whole thing is GRP/plastic.

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