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Disco 2 V8 or TD5


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Hey guys, I am new here. My name is Aaron from Australia.

I am considering purchasing a series 2 Discovery and am stuck on whether to get a V8 or TD5.

A V8 costs less to purchase, but uses more fuel, whereas the TD5 is the other way round.

I have calculated that to repay the extra $2,000 on purchase it would take 30,000 km of driving.

I just called Davis Performance Landy's and asked him how much a rebuild would cost on each an he said that a V8 would be about $8-9,000 and a diesel would be about the same, but if it needs a head replaced it would be $13-14,000. Does this seem right, I have only heard good things about him, but i was shocked when i heard the price, i was expecting about half that?

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I owned a V8 auto for 13 years from new and loved it all the way despite running costs. I had far less problems with it than most Td5s I know. You really do have to be comfortable with what it will cost you in fuel (ignore the official figures, it will average about 15-16mpg - consider that in terms of your daily mileage) but if you decide you can live with that then the decision is pretty simple. Neither engine is bombproof - the V8 can have liner issues (never did on mine) and the Td5 can just go bang for one of a number of reasons - or it might do 200,000 miles. I don't know the Australian market so perhaps also consider the availability of parts for each model.

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An engine rebuild costing $8,000-$9,000 is crazy money! $13,000-$14,000 for a new head is even more crazy. I had to read that a few times to see if I had read it right. A new Td5 head is about £1200 over here so he is charging an extortionate amount to fit that. How much does a D2 cost over there?

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