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Defender Brake Light Switch

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Hi Guys,

A very simple question; does the Defender brake light switch ('93 110 CSW) switch to earth, or is it the live feed for the lights, or does it go to some kind of relay?

Does anyone have a wiring diagram?



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I'm wiring up a starter circuit for an engine with an auto box, and want to make it only start once the brake pedal is pressed. I'll just have a relay before the start switch, switched by the brake feed, then the start switch can fire the starter relay, to the solenoid. That makes sense in my head anywY

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Can't trace the loss of brake lights. Any help would be appreciated.

1987 Defender 90 . No brake lights. At the switch, I have 12 volts. If I take the switch out of the cicuit and put a jumper in, I still have no lights. I am stumped other than to think that the wire heading down the chassis is broken or grounded. I have checked all the fuses. Any suggestions?

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check the earth connection at the rear lights & the brake/tail light bulb holders are clean/ corrosion free, wires come out of right rear chassis inner face up into right rear corner behind the rubber flap in back of wheel arch, there might be a broken wire.

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