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Husky winch question


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Dear All

I have set my eyes on a winch, after lots of opinions i have settled down that a husky will fit my needs.

Now, are there other versions besides the red ones EW8? was there ever a silver grey special edition one made?

How does it differ from the normal ones? or was it just a paint job?


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AFAIK all Husky EW8 's have red casings, my 2 do, there is a E10 [10,000lb] version, a EW8 is more than capable of dragging a heavy 110 or 130 back to dry solid land, I don't know of any 'special' editions.

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The Silver/Grey version was fitted to LR special vehicles - mainly Experience ones. For example The Experience at Honiton had an XS in Silver, provided for winch instruction and towing instruction; the Husky fitted to it was sliver. No difference internally - just an EW8

EW10's are not common. They were mainly sold in Americashire. Stall rates are obviously higher. The were usually 'Special Editions'

As young Ralph says, the EW8 is more than capable. It's slow, strong and pretty damn strong. Too strong for crappy bumpers though - it has enough grunt to fold a cheap mount and therefore collapse it's self. I've just re-built one that had done just that. They are easy to maintain...

I wouldn't stop your quest there. There are numerous other makes that are better - Ramsey and Pierce for example

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