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Windscreen frames

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Did windscreen frames change at all ?

I read a post on here that showed two different part numbers so I'm assuming at a certain year they changed to accomodate the interior light moving? Anyone know the year?

The one on my Td5 is a bit ropey.

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interior light bracket is on the inside of the roof NOT part of screen frame, LR frequently update older 7 digit part numbers on a model update or to longer 9 digit numbers. [the current format]

see item 1 in http://www.allbrit.de/UNI.cfm?PAGE=764634&SPRACHE=EN

click on the + to get the part numbers.

other alternative is remove the frame from vehicle, get it cleaned/treated/repainted & refit. it's not a part that suffers from 'normal ferrous rust' as it's a alloy casting. not steel.

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That's promising then - thank you Ralph.

Mine has been drilled a bit untidily for a snorkel. The rubber is a bit knackered and the screen has a small chip - so the plan is to pick up a frame, get it painted, fit a heated screen with a new rubber, and then swap them over.

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