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Series ll header joints , grey,blue,green, and orange


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Ah ok - when you said you were looking for them I thought you meant trying to identify their whereabouts in the vehicle :)

Quite possibly - the D2 is now 12 years out of production, so Land Rover have little real interest in supporting it as few will even visit a dealer now. The more obscure/expensive/less used parts usually start to tail off in availability around the 10 year mark. Crash repairs on older ones are a nightmare if they've had some of the weird and wonderful accessory bits fitted on the outside and you only need one bit of a discontinued rubbing strip for one side...

No idea where you would look for such a thing except in a scrapyard.

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Thanks, the dealer can't source them. Didn't know if anyone would know of a place I can buy the header joints. Dealer says all but the blue ones are discontinued.

Dealers talking nonsense as usual - AFAIK, they've never been available as spare part from Land Rover or MG-Rover.

They're still available from the connector's manufacturer (Sumitomo).

But, you have to buy a bag of 100 connectors, a bag of 100 splice caps, and a reel of 5000 terminals - then, you have to find someone stocking them, and willing to sell them to you, otherwise Minimum order Quantities (MoQ) apply, and you have to order thousands.

I have a small stock of these headers, I posted details here - http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=97603&p=850584

I've also PM'ed you.


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Long shot but it might be worth checking with these chaps


I used them a few years back when I used to work in the LR business, but not for 5 years or so now. They had all sorts of stuff - I haven't looked on the website to check, the name just came back to me.

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