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12j exhaust What 12j do I have?

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Hello all

Still moving along with my 12j build to replace a blown 19j.

Started to look for an exhaust downpipe and see there are 3 types depending on age.

But I bought the engine on it's own and it has been mod recon'd at some stage in it's life.

Engine number is 12j01279c can I find the age from this?

Or can I tell from the manifold which downpipe I need?

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looking in the parts info I use on here,

there are only 2 downpipes for the 12J 4 cylinder diesel engine

NRC9137 http://www.paddockspares.com/nrc9137-front-pipe.html upto chassis number 267063

ESR1617 http://www.paddockspares.com/esr1617-front-pipe-2-5-n-a-diesel-1987-1994.html from chassis number 267064

see pages 647 & 648 item 1 noted as 'diesel' in http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/parts_books/90/7_brakes_fuel_air_exhaust_cool_heat_p581-718.pdf

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Thanks Western, that has clarified things a bit, it was paddocks website that made me think there were 3 but I see 2 are the same.

Will check the manifold as it looks like one uses a washer/gasket and the other doesn't

Hopefully I won't need much of it so either will be OK dependent upon manifold.

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