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L.P.G. Gas install into 110 camper.


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Hi Everyone, i am plumbing a gas supply into my 110 and need a 8mm through bulkhead compression fitting with a elbow one side, like this one..... https://www.svb24.com/en/gok-bulkhead-fittings.html

I can find and already have the straight ones but can`t find any with the 90 deg elbow in the U.K.

Internet searches just reveal lots of other people searching for the same thing, that is how i found the above link.

I can find steel and stainless, i want brass.

Anyone in the trade or knowledge of a potential supplier before i spend 30euro on one!

Many thanks


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I'm a bit confused why you want one, care to elaborate?

I have a side locker for a gas bottle and bulkhead mounted regulator. I am using copper pipe up to the cooker housing on top of the wheel box and i want to exit the side locker with this fitting.

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