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Categories of written off?


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As I understand cat C and D it is just based on cost of repairs as a percentage of value of vehicle.

Value of vehicle = £5k

Chassis swap = £3k

Only 60% or so... Cat D

At least was my understanding anyways, and it may have changed.

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The gov web site says:

A Cant be repaired Entire vehicle has to be crushed

B Cant be repaired Body shell has to be crushed, but you can salvage other parts from it

C Can be repaired, but it would cost more than the vehicles worth You can use the vehicle again if its repaired to a roadworthy condition

D Can be repaired and would cost less than the vehicles worth, but other costs (eg transporting your vehicle) take it over the vehicles value You can use the vehicle again if its repaired to a roadworthy condition

However I was told when I put 55 back ont road that they have just Re-done all the categories. From memory there are just 3 now something like R, repairable B, brake for parts only and S, scrap must be crushed. Don't quote me on the initials as I can't find anything now which surprises me as this supposedly happened when VIC got ditched just under a year ago.


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I recently managed to muller a 110 in a similar fashion, though I reckon my chassis is far worse as its in an actual 's' shape with folds at the front and rear.

Insurance have recorded it cat C and sold me the salvage back - as far as Im aware the asessor only used pics taken by the salvage recovery driver who collected on behalf of the insurance co - luckily it took a good photo!

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The system became totally devalued , and that was one of the major reasons that VOSA got out of it , I have seen a Aston martin that was literally burnt to the ground in a barn fire , (So cat A crush only ) rebuilt as a cat "C" .

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