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Range Rover sounds like a Bus!! - Help!

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Sorry if this has been covered but I have just bought a 2003 Range Rover SE and it has been fine for a month or so.

I recently changed the radio head unit to a modern touch screen nav system and added Xenons and Daytime running lights.

The car has decided to now sound a little like a bus. I understand in the mornings the car needs time to warm up but this problem is a little intermittent. I can be driving no problem, engine pulling as it should then all of a sudden I will pull away and there will be reduced power and what sounds like over working fans coming from the engine. I have had it in the garage and there were no issue codes displayed. The problem doesn't have any particular pattern one moment it will sound like a bus and struggle to get to 50mph and then it will suddenly be fine and pull as normal. this never happened in the whole month before hand but now is a daily issue!

I don't understand what is happening and neither can my mechanics as they have tested and tested it but can't find an issue. So my last resort is the hope that someone else has had this issue and knows what it could be?

The car is a 3.0 TDi SE 2003.

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