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Groundskeeping with the Disco II


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Bit more pleased with myself than usual today :D. I went out and bought a well used Ransomes Mk.12 Magna trailed gang mower. I had to re-engineer one of the rollers, rebuild the blade adjusters, replace some pivot bolts and throw a lick of paint at it to generally get it serviceable again. It got it's first outing yesterday eve and including regular stops to inspect the machine (and to dislodge a very mangled football) - the Disco, gang and I mowed about 3 acres in roughly 40mins! The only thing that could be better was if cruise was operational up to 10mph.

It needs a little more adjusting and I had a minor component failure on one mower but nothing I cant fabricate, so I'm pleased as punch.

Video's a little crappy but you get the idea :)


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Cruise can probably be nobbled to operate at 10mph if you wish. Read about how V8Freak made his (and later my) cruise work on Defenders with 1.2 transfer boxes. The same device should be able to confuse your ECU into thinking you are doing 30mph when you are really doing 10mph, thus allowing CC. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=80004

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deadly link thanks! Bit worried I didn't remember the topic seeing as I'd commented in there a few times ? Must get on to Anderzander too and see how he went in the end as I have a Nanocom.

Had a good look at the mower today and realised the end retaining machine screws in the roller I had rebuilt had come loose by the riciprocal forces on one end. Have to get an imperial thread gauge to try and source proper counter sunk replacements. Looking forward to fettling the mowers. If I can get them solid then get the cruise going and a bit of music and it's a nice hours drive lol

Ps: it Mildly miffed rain for two days since Mav

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