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110's Trip to Spain

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Hi all,

Looking to take my 110 down to Spain via France for the summer just wanted some opinions.

going to make a bed in back to save on accommodation, I've stayed in her many time so nothing new, but where is best to park? Is it safe? Legal?

Any must have equipment, mods apart from the usual safety stuff and tools.

Am I totally mad taking a 1989 110 with a 2.8 Isuzu engine in? Never puts a foot wrong but I only normally do short jurneys.... Scary to breakdown in foreign country.

Many thanks,

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And a blooming good and thorough big service before you go. Check and adjust your wheel bearings, brakes, remove the props and check ujs and sliding joint etc.

Doing this will find the weak points before you go and save you trying to explain it to a french or Spanish recovery guy.


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Agree about the breakdown and recovery. Think about what you would do in the dark and rain when you can't ring a friend to come and help or tow.

You need to be helped to the nearest campsite at least, so that there you can eat, sleep and take stock of what might need fixing.

We have taken LV= breakdown for the second year running.

I also have the parts book and workshop manual on my iPad, plus a whole load of copy / pastes from various bits of repair and maintenance advice I have read.

Decide which supplier you would contact if you need a part sending out - and take the tools that fit with your abilities.

Otherwise when sleeping in a Land Rover, especially overnighting, the determining factor for us has been finding a location where we could access a toilet. The true motorhomers of course don't have this problem and they just drop anchor in all sorts of places. Unless you are well off the road, you will need a proper toilet and that isn't something that you can do inside the vehicle unless you are on your own (and this is where i step aside for all those who have / do to correct me!!)

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Why sleep at the side of the road when most villages have very nice municipal campsites that cost a few euros a night?

Some breakdown cover aint a bad idea, you can never tell what bit is going to let you down.

Last year a duff alternator ended up silently snapping my drive belt = no lights, no water pump and a very cooked engine at night in a power cut on a French motorway. Took some getting home I can tell you!

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