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Will these mud tyres fit??

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Looking into getting some BF Goodrich or Cooper mud tyres for my standard/not lifted 1993 Defender 90. At the moment I have 235/70R16, so would 235/85R16 still fit ok considering the wings, wheel arches and my current wheels?

Thank you for the help

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Curious, what is the obsession with cross posting over the Land Rover forums??? Do people expect different facts or answers from one place to another??


Seems this happens loads. Ok I can understand if you post something and after a few days get no replies, you might try a busier or alternative forum. But posting at the same time??

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As Mo said , probably the most common size fitted to 90's , and both brands are good tyres from what I've seen . My personal choice would be BFG MT's just because I've used them for 20 years and they wear well and are great off road in lots of different terrain . Not tried the new MT pattern yet but others have and get on just as well .



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