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Spring advice CT Discovery


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Hi Folks,

Need/want to replace the springs on my Camel Trophy Discovery, the thing is so flippin heavy with the role cage and the role cage roof rack. Standard spring set-up was 90 rear springs on the front and a police issue rear range rover spring with a special internal helper spring. even then they suffer a fair bit from the saggy bum... would anyone have any recommendations for springs for such a heavy laden beast?



Pants - wrong forum... would some nice admin care to shift it for me.... :blush:^_^

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From what you describe, you have blue/greens and blue/yellows at the front, which are 175lb/inch

and red whites at the back, 170lb/inch.

That must be very wobbly!

I'd say get a set of OME764 at the front (240lb/inch), or OME781 (290lb/inch)

at the rear, probably OME762, which are progressive 300-340lb/inch. The OME don't sag.

have a look at



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So... as I'm on a bit of a time schedule, I calculated the added weight due to appendages which comes out at about 200kg with that in mind I purchased a terrafirma medium load spring and shock kit. I'll still pop in the helper springs in the rear too... maybe a bit of an educated stab in the dark... but I'll let know how I get on when it's time to fit them...

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