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Tailgate won't unlock


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I have an 04 5 door Freelander and I can't unlock the tailgate, I have checked the fuse and that looks fine though the internal switch doesn't do anything.

I have searched on the forum and one method to open the tailgate is to disconnect the battery which I assume lowers the window but what do I do next?

I'll check the wiring to the lock mechanism but is the wiring behind the driver or passenger side in the boot space?

I assume the window will remain down until I get power to the mechanism, so I can drive the car is there a way to get the window partly up while I find out the problem?

I'm not car mechanic minded at all but I'm loathe to take it to the nearest Landrover dealer if I can sort the problem using common sense, any help would be appreciated



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It's probably the lock mechanism or the switch in the handle, does it make a faint click when pressed? Does the window drop 1 inch? If no click and no window drop, then the door switch is likely.

If the window drips 1 inch but the door fails to open, then the locking mechanism is the likely fault.

If the lock has failed then it will need to be replaced but with the door stuck shut,getting the trim off isn't easy. If you aren't mechanically minded, then it's better to get the work done but it's not a difficult job to do DIY.

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