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Bulkhead differances

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As some of you will have read i am embarking on a chassis bulkhead swap of a 300tdi defender. I need a new bulkhead i was going to bite the bullet and order a galv one however i am having doubts

My question is what differances are ther between 300tdi and the newer bulkheads other than the obvious no flaps? Will a later bulkhead fit?

I am aware if i wanted to get a 2nd hand one galved it needs to be bare steel whats the besg way to achieve this dipping?

Many thanks


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As always, anything can be made to fit but it depends on how much work you want to do and how happy you would be with the end result.

Apart from the flaps (or lack of them), the Puma bulkhead has mountings for a completely different dash assembly plus heater, tunnel etc etc. You would have to carry out a trial fit and adapt as you go.

Of course it can be made to work but I wouldn't bother.

Having had my own 300TDi bulkhead successfully dipped I of course am going to recommend that course of action but I have to say that mine was in almost brand-new condition with no rust whatsoever (inside or out).

Stripping to bare metal was no problem, most galvanisers either have a blasting rig on site or work in conjunction with one so they will probably offer it to you as a package. Final cleaning is carried out by an acid dip so by the time it is galv'ed it should be nice and clean but that is assuming that the bulkhead was good in the first place and isn't rotting from the inside out because if it is, nothing will get rid of it.

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Thanks for your reply.

Mine is past repair and i am not in a position to faff around with adapting stuff so it looks like its back to trying to source a good 300tdi bulkhead or hope Ashtree ever answer the dam phone and order a galv one.

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