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Best Vehicle for towing


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Hi guys

I've just joined as thinking of my first defender, had a couple range rovers.

Question, I know the answer is over loaded but have no choice.

I've got a 4.3 ton chevy which is coming to Italy on the back of a trailer, as I said I know I'm gonna be to,d it's over weight.

I'm think of a 90 to do the job as it with be kept and upgraded when in Italy, will a remap help towing this wait as didn't realise that land rover where so short on power.

I will take advice and listen to criticism, I've been really ill with cancer twice and realise that my Mrs home land is so much better.

I've up to £11,000 to spend on the right vehicle.

My bother says a discovery but we have a farm in Italy and defender will be better.


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At 4.3T plus the trailer - 1T ? you are going to be in dangerously overloaded territory . If it's what you are going to do then a loaded 110 - ie heavy to balance the trailer more , powered brakes on the trailer and stabiliser bars and a slow pace will help . To be frank I'd pay to get it shipped properly and then get the right LR for your use , it's just not worth the hassle and more importantly the huge risks

sorry it's not more positive re your plan but .......well youtube towing accidents and be safe



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actually thats not strictly true, you can if you fit linked brakes (air brakes etc not electric) and have it re plated. however you would need to spend a lot of money, far more than it would cost to hire a lorry or pay for it to be shipped....

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Personally in the UK I wouldn't risk it. But if I had to given the choice between my 110 and the RR I would take the RR anytime for towing. I doubt it would have much trouble with 4.2 tonnes, I've never really noticed the weight when pulling trailers.

You might be able to pick up a higher mileage one for £11k. Mine's a 3.6TDV8 which has huge brembos as standard. Though the 4.4 would be nicer you wont get one for 11k. Also they can be a money pit... Would probably be into the 20s for a load like that.

But I wouldn't on public roads...

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In short : Don't.

You are going to have a lot of problems you don't want, need or can afford.

Get a truck and load onto it and be legal.

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Disco3/4 or L322/L405 Range Rover are better towcars than Defenders - more powerful and more stable - which will be important with such a heavy load! Is it really 4.3t unladen? What sort of Chevy is it?



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Is that 4.3 ton chevy the unladen or MAM ? Makes all the difference :) 110 or 130 300tdi onwards both physically capable of towing that either way. BUT 3500kg is max trailer 4000kg with active braking legally . You need to be experienced tow driver, not in a hurry , and avoid Austria !

This would be a better bet http://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=137366875&isSearchRequest=true&grossPrice=false&scopeId=VUT75&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&makeModelVariant1.makeId=24580&pageNumber=3

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