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Excellent forum guys, from a newby

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Having been the proud owner of my first defender for about 6 months and looking to do a lot of work on it I have been trying quite a few forums lately for ideas and advice and have now come across this one.

Gotta say all others I have been on for the last 6 months do not compare at all to the forum here and its members, you guys really do dish out the advice when other forums have 90 views on a thread with no responses at all.

I think I'm home ? And will enjoy it here.

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Welcome, there is a common infliction suffered by most on here (me included) which is, don't buy a ready sorted solution spend years of weekends or continuous sleepless days/nights making your own solution even though it makes no sense financially or project time wise!

If this is you then you will fit right in, if not then spend your time reading Nige's (aka H-F-H above) hilarious death defying escapades leading to VIP membership at his A&E dept. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH



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Mine's ain't a bad truck but does need some work to get it to the stage I'll be happy with, once it gets to that stage I want to rebuild with a new chassis.

i would imagine I will be doing some brain picking around here

Thanks for the welcome guys

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