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SVX Alloys Load Limit

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Does anybody know the weight limits for genuine SVX alloys?

I want to fit them for a single road run of less than 10 miles to investigate a steering wobble and rumbling noise on my Wolf ambulance (i 'think' the original G90s have gone square). I had it weighed last week at 2560kgs.

Is it safe?

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Um? 1000kg for four wheels? Is this a Smart or A Land Rover rim?

The weight is per rim, just as the load rating on a tyre is per tyre.

There are no land rovers that weigh less than a 1000kg.....

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I think you are both reading the reply and question in different ways.

The maximum vehicle weight is the MAM as stated but I don't think that was meant in the original reply.

The wheel rating of a maximum of 1000kg, is the maximum load on an individual wheel, the choice of tyre might result in a tyre with a lower load rating, in which case the lower number would apply. This could in theory mean they could be used up to a maximum vehicle weigh of 4000kg subject to correct tyres and a vehicle with the correct MAM and load distributed evenly across the axles.

If the maximum axle load is under 2000kg and suitable tyres were used then these wheels will be OK (off road use might be a different question though depending on just how hard and off road use it is, people can break anything if they try hard enough!).

When looking at wheels and tyres it is important to look at the axle loadings not just the vehicle MAM to check if they are suitable it is normally different for each axle, there is not often many problems with road cars with regard loads but once vehicles get heavier it becomes more of an issue to make sure it is correct and is a critical issue on selecting wheel and tyre combinations on HGV's.

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