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Standard lights

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ah so one feed for tail and then the other for stop duh, sorry i'm tired, looking up diagrams and looms all day. I thought it might have been a feed to the trailer plug connection

I have a basket on eBay full of your plugs will put an order in soon Paul. Do you sell the varistors

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Is that the varistor fitted across the 10AS units central locking relay terminals?

If so, yes - I have those.

When you're ready, let me know by PM on here what connectors you want, and I'll do them cheaper than through eBay.

I've also got lots of stuff that's not on eBay - so, please ask if there's anything else that you're looking for.


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Cool, appreciate that Paul,

I noticed some of them in the wiring diagrams i have, but i first have to go through each circuit and pick out what i want on my truck as i will be building the loom myself, but i will be using smaller td5 looms like the wing loom, door loom etc.no point re-inventing the wheel as i have these.


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