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Lift pump or something else?

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Morning all

Iv'e got a slight problem with my 200Tdi in my 110. Its always been reliable, started first time every time, no need for glow plugs or anything, but recently things have changed.

It started with the odd time where it would fire up and before the crank has done one revolution it would die. Turn the key again and it would fire up and run faultlessly for days, weeks, even months. But over the last week it seems to have gotten a lot worse. Yesterday I had to give it a little bit of juice on the throttle and after 3 cranks it started and ran OK until later, when it did it again after being sat for about 2 hours.

I've just changed the fuel filter as although it's not due a service I figured it's worth doing anyway and this morning I tried it again. It only needed two turns of the key but the issue is still there.

The engine is out of my old Discovery and the injector pump has been tweaked, although I don't know to what extent as it was messed with when I got it. It's never been massively fast but the little cap on the top of the pump has been removed and the diaphragm has been rotated a bit.

My next step will be to get hold of a lift pump and if that doesn't fix it then I'll drain the tank and have a good look for crud but if that's not it, what else can it be?

I have run on veg oil but not for ages, and it was only ever at about 25% anyway.

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I don't think it would hurt to get a new lift pump, but it is worth checking for air leaks in the whole fuel system first. If the injector spill line is damaged or not on properly, air can get in causing difficult starting.

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To me that doesn't really point to a failed lift pump... how's the feed to the stop solenoid?.... or indeed the solenoid itself... could be sticking?

Also how's your battery? - is she cranking over at the right speed. I remember when I had the britpart starter motor in the engine would always struggle to start one way or another, wasn;t until I swapped it out that I remembered how a starter motor is meant to sound and the engine would easily burst into life. I see it with my present battery set up too, she started rather more spritely on two batteries than she does on the one.

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Whenever I've had a leak off pipe go it just leaks diesel everywhere rather than giving me difficult starting, what did give me difficult starting was the seat for the brass washer that attaches the leak off pipe to the injector was damaged and wasn;t sealing properly, strangely this didn't leak diesel, but did cause a delay in starting in the mornings...

Other fuel leaks where on a disco tank sender where the wee steel hose bend had rotted through, this just leaked everywhere and stank the place out...

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The other thing i would add is that i have an electric lift pump on my 200tdi. It makes no difference whatsoever to starting or running as to whether it is turned on or off! Discussions on here suggest that it would only make a noticeable difference if there was a leak somewhere letting air in.

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