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CO2 Emmissions and VED

Guest MJG

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Forgive me folks for being a bit dim but can you confirm I am reading the following link correctly. :unsure:


1 - If I pruchase a diesel LR (say a td5, 300 tdi or 200 tdi defender as an example) that was registed before March 31st 2001 I will pay £175 in UK VED

No difference for fuel type or CO2 emmissions rate.

2 - If I purcahse a diesel LR that was registered between April 1st 2001 and March 22nd March 2006 I will pay £195 in UK VED

(I am basing this on the OC2 emmsions of any diesel LR being in the max band ie F)

If I purchase a a diesel LR that was registered after 22nd March 2006 (which I couldn't afford any way but...) - I will pay the new higher band G rate which is £215.

So in a nutshell the higher rates only really apply to cars as to when they are first registered - you effectively can continue to run or specifically buy an older (and arguably more damaging to the environment) LR and be better off in VED terms.....

I suppose it is fairer in that it allows people to make a choice about any brand new car they choose to buy and run, but there does seem to be a perverse incentive for people to run older cars or like I would consider doing, deliberately buy a pre 2001 LR not just for the sheer pleasre of sticking a finger or two up at Gordon but also irritating the Greenpeace rabble to boot.....they don't seem to have factored in that many a good LR can be kept going for donkeys years of course to the point that they don't have to pay VED at all!!!

Or am I not reading the info. correctly...... :(

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Seems a correct interpretation to me. Like much legislation it is not retrospective. Like the old tax exempt ruling :)

Personaly I think encouraging us to extend the life of cars before that are disposed of is a good thing.

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Yep, thats right, my '89 110 is 175 per year, iirc my mates '94 110 is 195 :hysterical:

Are you sure about your mates VED???

as I read it a 94 110 should cost the same as an 89 110.... or is it as per my original post and I am not reading the DVLA info. correctly as I originaly thought and I am being dim...:blink:

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