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Berryman's Chem Dip


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Not heard of it before either, have you used it before or someone recommended it?

Don't know what job you have in mind, but if it's a powerful solvent you are after for getting rid of those last residues left behind that petrol, paraffin or similar won't shift, then this stuff is available off ebay:


MEK (Methyl ethyl ketone), but be warned - it smells like some one is holding a white board marker pen up your nose. If you get some, use it outside in the fresh air!

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MEK is not very nice stuff to use without precautions!

This (from here):

Safety Flammability

Butanone can react with most oxidizing materials, and can produce fires.[5] It is moderately explosive; it requires only a small flame or spark to cause a vigorous reaction.[5] Butanone fires should be extinguished with carbon dioxide, dry agents, or alcohol-resistant foam.[5] Concentrations in the air high enough to be flammable are intolerable to humans due to the irritating nature of the vapor.[8]

Health effects

Butanone is an irritant, causing irritation to the eyes and nose of humans.[8] Serious health effects in animals have been seen only at very high levels. These included skeletal birth defects and low birth weight in mice, when they inhaled MEK at the highest dose tested (3000 ppm for 7 hours/day).[9] There are no long-term studies with animals breathing or drinking MEK.[10] and no studies for carcinogenicity in animals breathing or drinking MEK.[11]:96 There is some evidence that methyl ethyl ketone can potentiate the toxicity of other solvents, in contrast to the calculation of mixed solvent exposures by simple addition of exposures.[12] As of 2010, some reviewers advised caution in using methylethyl ketone because of reports of neuropsychological effects. [13]

Butanone is listed as a Table II precursor under the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.[14]

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That's right. MEK and lots of other commonly used stuff aren't very nice or as the above suggests, not yet tested.

If you look up the MSDS for Nitromors for example (which you can buy in B&Q) you will see it contains DCM (a chlorinated solvent) and methanol. Also body fillers for example often contain styrene. All of which are potentially very dangerous to your health..... if you don't take sensible precautions.

As with most chemicals, be sensible and wear rubber gloves, eye protection, don't use it in enclosed spaces and keep well away from sources of ignition - you'll be fine. (really of the above is just as applicable to petrol)

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That's for the replies.

I've never used Chem Dip myself but have seen Youtube videos of it used for cleaning carburetors and other stuff prone to residue build-up and as i think i may have at least 1 clogged injector thought I'd give it a try but problem is I think it's an American product and as we're forced to be more eco-friendly here it's likely banned this side of the Atlantic.

I've since come across other recommendations for using acetone for cleaning diesel injectors and as I type that's what mine are now steeping in, if it's a success I'll tell you, if not you may see a wanted advert for green top TD5 injectors. :)

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The unbearable smell from MEK means that you don't inhale anything like the quantity required to even begin to cause harm. You've already moved well away or increased the ventilation because it's horrible!

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