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Fuse/Relay Panels

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I need to do a re-wire so I've been looking for alternative fuse/relay solutions and came across the Cooper Bussmann 15404-2-0-1-0A and 15303-2-2-4 both of which look almost perfect. Ideally I'd like something in-between, say 5 relays and 20 fuse circuits but I suppose either going central and having lots of extra capacity or splitting into primary and aux panels is fine too.

Does anyone have experience with these panels? Suggestions? I'm also hoping to find a good bulkhead passthrough that'll fit in one of the upper openings in the bulkhead as I really prefer everything be accessible vs down behind the head.

They seem to be the only really waterproof option I've come across as well and one that doesn't require all kinds of extra termination to fit.

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Merci Beaucoup.

Nice stuff - but the fuses are the mini type and you need to make the wiring very neat to get it all in there.

We used these - but it doestake up a lot of space compare to those panels.


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