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Custom dashboard

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I have my 110 in bits at the moment, I've stripped the dashboard out to do the usual bulkhead repairs and I've decided not to put the standard dashboard back. I have a bit of a plan to put a custom centre dash in, a sort of modernised Series Two type affair.

Has anyone else done something like this? I'd hate to finish my plan off then one of you chirp up with a better idea than mine ;-)

Why change it? Well, my dash is too much of a mess to put it back and anyway I'd like to simplify it all a bit to make adding electrickery extras easier.

Will :-)

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All is down to how far you wanna go really...

We have fitted a Series III in a Defender with VDO programmable speedo, the Hybrid had a all in one type kit car thingie for a while.

Fitting the central Series II type should not be that difficult.

Hope to see it late this year !!

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Bare dash before fitting.


It's a one piece fibreglass dash I designed and made for 45. I've got one going in the ibex and tsd has one in his. Though I did make the dial area a fraction to small making it a little harder to fit defender dials and lights. 45 has 200tdi disco binical which sits very close to the ignition barrel.


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I like the steering wheel , it certainly adds a lot to the period dash look . Is it a one off or available somewhere?



I have seen it somewhere, will post a link if I find it again.

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