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new style bigger locks

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Hi all, have brought a new style 2007 on ignition barrel, bigger barrel locks and handles for my project, ignition barrel is fitted and working fine but when I came to fit the door handles and the bigger barrels there's a bit missing. Does anyone know the part nos for the bit that holds the lock in the handles with the actuator for the lock on the back for both front doors and also I brought a later style rear lock what bit do I need to secure the barrel into that ? Any help would be greatly appreciated have looked on line but can't see what I was after and even went to a Land Rover dealer today and they couldn't help.

cheers Ian

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yep that's the bit I want just got a hole where the barrel actuator is, looks like I will have to buy a new pair of handles. Just been on brit-car site got part nos LR066528 AND LR066530, everywhere else only got Land Rover ones, but they have bearmach ones for £16 a side instead of £55 a side might try those not heard many bad reports about bearmach stuff.

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Or does anyone know the part number for the blanking plugs? Could blank the lock holes up and fit central locking.

pretty sure the lock blanks only come with new rear side door handles, again not listed as a seperate item.

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