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Grip nut tips?

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My seat box has some corrosion in the bottom back corner but the square buts that sit on the outrigger are seized and spinning - any tips on what to hold them with ?


I can get my hands on it but it's awkward to get a tool in, I can get a socket in but not hold it and the space is too tight for me to get grips in.

Any suggestions welcomed!

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Drill the heads off the bolts and replace outright. The old cage nuts will come out once the bolt heads are gone. To fit new nuts, either remove the sills from the car or use a length of threaded rod to pass the cage nuts into position from behind and manoeuver them to get them to clip into place. It's fiddly but it works.

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When I had my tub off the 110 i "made" some nut plates to cover these 2 bolts on the back of the seatbox.

Take a measurement between centres and get a piece of 3mm steel plate drill two holes (and weld a couple of nuts on). Simples

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