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Discovery 4 advice


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This weekend im going to see a Disco 4 2010 mileage 98654.
Was just looking for some advice regarding key things to check to make sure its in good condition. Any well know problems etc.

Up till now only played with Defenders.



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The D4 is a bit like the D3 and RRS as it is big and heavy.

I would pay close attention to the suspension wearing out (bushes, shocks and air struts) as well as the brake discs and pads. The ball joints on the lower arms at the front too.

Then also check for the gearbox slipping if it's an auto under load and diff noise or whine. And the torque converter causing the engine speed to fluctuate with a constant throttle at a level load.

The rear propshaft centre carrier bush and bearing wear out too.

Then the usual make sure everything works. And just because it has a full service history doesn't mean it has actually been serviced well or looked after.

If you don't know what you are looking for yourself pay someone to check it for you.

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As the D4 ia a facelifted D3 they have made some changes which improved things.

The hand brake has been improved, the auto box is a ZF 8HP eight speed not the ZF 6HP six speed though early models mave the earlier one I think?

The engine is a better 3.0 l version with improvements over the 2.7 l?

The bluetooth phone module is better, showing contacts and call info, it may show SMS messages and play music from the phone? It may even support iphones which D3 doesn't!

I would check the spec for the year you are looking at to see if the improvements were made on early D4?

Plus one for getting an indipendent report done.


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