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Steering box top cover leaking


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Steering box is leaking from the top cover....

Without buying a new box or adding Stop Leak fluid what can I try?

I've tried tightening the 4 bolts.

Can I take the top off and reseal it ?

Any pointers appreciated......

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First step, drain as much oil out of the bleed nipple as you can (pipe on nipple into a bottle, start the engine)

Remove the 4 bolts, then wind out the adjuster to lift off the top plate. You will see the O ring which can be easily replaced, then as they say in the Haynes book of lies, refitting is a reverse of removal.

Obviously you'll need to correctly set the adjuster and put the oil you took out back in the reservoir afterwards.

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Thanks Dave!

Off to Keith Gott's to get a new seal kit it is!

What should I use to re-seal the cover? RV Silicone gasket sealant?

How easy to adjust the box? Is that in Haynes lies book? A written guide on here would be gratefully received.



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Re-sealing - just the o-ring should be sufficient. I've never had to use RTV on one.

Before you take it apart, with the wheels straight and firmly on the ground, grab hold of the UJ on the input shaft and give it a wiggle to get a feel for how much play there is at the moment (should be none / very little, but not rock solid). When you take it apart, the adjuster mechanism should become clear. There is the outer locking nut, and the central threaded pin is what controls the adjustment. With the locking nut slack and the 4 bolts out, just wind in the adjuster and the top cover will lift off.

When putting it back on, in roughly the right position and with the 4 bolts torqued up, I just do the adjuster up a little at a time to eliminate the slack at the input shaft but without going too far.

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Thanks Dave. Will give it a go. Local place said I'd they would need to take out a shaft so ~3hrs labour....

Or I might come down and get you to supervise me :unsure:

What, just to change the top plate? Ejits.... :rtfm:

The reason I found out how to do it was when I did the bleed nipple up too tight and stripped the threads, so had to blag a new top from Pete (who did your wings).

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