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Fuel tank filler diameter?

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I've got an aux wing tank on my diesel HT 110 which sits in the space where the rear filler pipes would be. There's a short piece of connecting pipe (100 mm long) from the aux tank to the existing tank's inlet which I want to replace as its getting a bit old.

There's not much space to get up there and the existing silicone connecting hose is in the way, but by my best estimates with a twisted arm, arched back and vernier gauge it looks like the pipe inlet is about 3 inches or 76mm so that would be the I/D of a replacement silicone fuel.

Can anyone confirm if that's the correct dimensions of the normal LR tank filler (the bit thats part of the tank around which the hose is fastened?

And also - is ordinary silicon hose ok for diesel or do I need some special fuel-safe variant?

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