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Drum bakes sticking on

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So I have recently changed my drums and shoes on the rear of my Defender 90 (1986 CSW). All seemed fine and didn't have any problems after doing it until a few days ago. I let the handbrake off to role backwards down a hill and nothing, it just sat there and didn't move. Ended up having to stick it in reverse to encourage it!

Jacked it up and the rear drivers side wheel is fine, spins forward and backwards with no problems. Rear passenger won't spin backward but will spin forward. Adjusted the adjuster so it was completely disengaged and it seemed fine again. Reversed off the drive, braked and then it locked up again :(. Im also getting a pulsing through the brake pedal when braking.

Is this springs (I do have a new set for the rear axle), adjuster or is it the piston?

I was planning to change the springs anyway but if I need todo more I would rather just do it all in one move.



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How should they be positioned? When I took the old shoes off I had different springs on each wheel (hence the new springs) and on one wheel I had 2 springs on the button of a shoe? Are there any photos kicking around?


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