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Suffix Letters on LT230, What Do They Mean?

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There are various LT230 with the serial numbers prefix 20D (meaning 2.5 petrol) and 3 different suffix Some have the SUFFIX B or C or D.

I have already discovered the main input gear of a LT230 B suffix cannot be fitted to a D suffix model, because there is a rumbling noise from large LT230 intermediate gear and the centre teeth of the large intermediate gear are slightly wider than that from a "B" siuffix. . The teeth must have pitcth/width differences if my only conclusion?

So what are the actual meanings of these SUFFIXES B C or D... do they mean that gears from one wont fit gears from the other? Even when teeth numbers are the same because of pitch or depth?

Further example, I got another intermediate gear out of an unknown suffix LT230 box. The middle portion is the same narrower width to my B suffix mainshaft input gear. Looks like they would match perfect...nope... this one rumbles too when mated to my B suffix mainshaft input, so I suspect it's a C suffix.

Would really appreciate an answer on this one........... because ordering new gears must be a nightmare otherwise

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Thanks Old Hand however, I have that info. My prob is the intermediate gear ( 3 way) that mates to the input gear. The Ashcroft info is about the input gear but my problem is, which input gear mates with which intermediate gear ( the big one)?

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