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Tool for inserting glass rubbers...

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Guest diesel_jim

I'm after the tool for fitting the rubber inserts into the sealing rubbers for the 3/4 glass on the back of truck cabs (and also for doing one of the alpine windows).

anyone know where i can buy/borrow one from? i went to my local stealers, and they "don't have one anymore".... :rolleyes: but suggested the local autoparts place, which didn't do them.

worst case i can make one, but unfolding a fiver is easier then cutting and filing steel! :D

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i don't think you'll find one dirt cheap unless you happened across one at one of the classic car shows.

Frosts list one: Frost restorers

i reckon it'll be one of those tools you could have picked up for a couple of quid ten years ago, but now no one wants them then they have gone up to silly prices. You can cheat with a coat hanger and screwdriver!

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