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Electric windows and CDL into new doors

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Hi All

I've got some all steel front doors from a TDCI to go on my TD5 90 (Nothing wrong with the old ones but these came up at a good price so why not), I've got electric windows and central locking at the moment (I know, fancey!!) and obvoiusly don't want to loose either. My question is, has anyone swapped the electric windows and central locking from the old style defender door into the new style and if so are there any issues. I assume the internals are the same but want to check before I start taking things apart.



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I sort of went the other way. I bought bare replacement doors and bought crash damaged steel doors to strip out the electric windows and central locking. If I remember correctly the replacement doors looked the same as my old 1988 doors (except they had a tab for activating the interior light switch) and all the internals of the steel door fitted without a problem.

So you shouldn't have a problem going the other way.

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