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It's not a Land Rover ...


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This isn't about a Land Rover - but it's an eBay ad that made me smile.

I have a couple of classic bikes and loved the description of this one for sale:


It includes lines like :

Tank gear change, don't bother with first unless you are into demolishing buildings or ploughing fields, second is the normal take off gear, third (top) will pull more than 75mph with sidecar and caravan!! (I have never actually towed a caravan with this bike, but it is very powerful!!) Top speed is a question of how much you value your life, in a top speed contest the BSA has more guts than I have, but I have seen 80 plus as my eye balls vibrated into a blur!!

Total loss oil system, starts by lubricating the engine, then lubes the primary chain, then the rear chain, then the windscreen on the following car !!


Traits we can relate to as Land Rover owners perhaps ? :)

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I don't know anything at all about bikes, literally nothing, my only interest in them is as an engineering marvel - but this one ticks a lot of boxes! What a beautiful machine :)

One of the directors/senior management at work is into old European bikes (19 of them and counting) and occasionally in nice weather he comes to work on an old shaft drive inline four Laverda. I always enjoy a good look at it

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This motorcycle is completely original and in Oily Rag condition. It runs, rides well (as well as a bike nine feet long can ride!!) and I am only the second owner, having owned the bike for 40 years.

The tyres were fitted around 1938 and may not be in the best condition, they hold air however and have a good tread, so may be of use if entering the preservation class!


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My old man was a bike but my knowledge about them could be written on the back of a postage stamp. I do like and appreciate old British bikes though and that one would do me nicely, not to ride but just to keep as is and admire - which really defeats the object of ownership.

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