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Tyres for the classic


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The time has come to purchase new tyres for the 4 door, I currently have Uniroyal rallye 4x4 street - cam skill link - and I might put these back on however I'm considering the ubiquitous General Grabber AT tyre.

I mostly do road driving, a fair portion of that towing a caravan or trailer, the rest split between motorway/a road and country lane. I do the odd bit of green laning, some driving in fields and some snow.

I've found the uniroyals to be pretty good at dragging the caravan off muddy campsites although they do get a bit squirmy and they're very good at stopping in the wet. Both a friend and my brother have the AT on Disco2 and their wet performance doesn't seem quite as good but they're probably a lot better in the poor conditions.

Any experience of the AT on a classic? Any other tyres I should really consider?

I've had Geolander Yokos on a Discovery 1 and they were a bit slippy in the wet on road, used to have Pirelli Scorpions on my old classics but they're an old tyre now and I also found them lacking compared to the Uniroyal.

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I had Grabber TRs on my RRC in 205R16 size.

They were quiet, rode well and gripped very well on wet tarmac and snow. That section of tyre was a bit roly-poly compared to the 235/70R16 tyres of another brand I fitted later on.

They are more road biased than an AT tyre, but still OK on grassy fields.

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To be honest, it sounds like you are pretty happy with what you have?

I am happy but feel I could get a little more performance out of them when dragging the caravan off wet fields and plodding through the snow, trying to decide if the grass is greener or not! :blink:

The CSK has very road bias tyres and they tramline terribly and I wouldn't say offer any better grip.

I don't think I want anything more road biased than the Uniroyals already on there but am pondering more A/T based tyres...

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On my last RRC it came with Khumo Road Venture AT's in a 205/80/R16. They did seem to be quite inexpensive too, and I was going to put a new set onto my current one when I get the wheels refubished.

I was very impressed with them all round. Excellent in the snow, and I never had an issue with them in the wet or offroad. They also showed not a lot of wear after the 25,000 miles I did in it.

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