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Improving what is already good

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Hi All,

We are starting the process of putting "our Rocco" (Defender 90 300 Tdi) onto a new galvanised chassis.

Rocco is mainly used on road as he should be towing, carrying, moving family and some off-road for charity fund raising.

Whilst we are on a lean budget, we are looking for ideas to improve what is already good. Improvements that have worked for you or may not have been as good as you thought.

He has a winch, so were thinking of fitting second battery with its own alternator, mounted on top of the engine, bracket already made. but also ideas or solutions to rectify some of the aluminium corrosion and buffing up the faded black grille and headlight surrounds.

Currently on BF Goodrich AT's, these will need changing in the near future.

Any suggestions welcome, it may help others along the way.

Thank You

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I found that with varying loads the AirLift bags inside stock springs on the rear gave great amounts of flexibility. I previously had slightly stiffer springs and they were awful when unladen.

You may need to 'adapt' a couple of internal spring helper seats to remedy a known issue (easy fit). They've proved great for my use - unladen, towing, or with full load of fuel, people, dogs, water, gear and three bikes hanging off the spare wheel. Details of what I've done here.

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To prevent the galvanic corrosion: Buy some rolls of rubber approx 2mm thick, eBay will be your friend here. Use it between all chassis brackets and bodywork. I think the roll I have was about 10m long (still have loads left!) and 50mm wide which is plenty and is easily trimmed with a Stanley knife. Also get a load of 6mm and 8mm rubber washers for the same purpose.

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