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Defender floor mats hindering throttle

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Hi all, I've recently fitted some rubber mats and a one piece tunnel cover thingy, which now means I can't get full throttle. Simple solutions include things like cutting a hole in the mats to allow the pedal to travel further, increase cable tension at idle etc etc but has anyone else ever come across this? They are all genuine Land Rover mats by the way. It's almost like I need to increase the ratio between pedal travel and pump linkage??

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Quite right, it's another possibility. I just wasn't sure if there was different pedals fitted to say county's? With more matting? I always like to try and find a 'factory ish' solution before I go bending stuff. Although it usually ends up with bending and welding and lots of hammering anyway lol

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Thanks guys. Mine also does have a cutout at the vertical section against the bulkhead for the pedal stop, but looking at it this morning it's actually under the pedal itself that's causing the problem. Perhaps it's just the bulk of the matting that's causing it.

If I hold the pedal down then adjust the cable up to full throttle on the pump, it's ends up idling at around 800rpm (ish).

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