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Goodbye RRC, hello Ex Army 110 N/A 1986.


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Sounds like a good one !

Make sure the diff lock isn't stuck.

Raise a front wheel and see if it spins.

Engage diff lock and it should stop - may take some rotation.

If not use enough they get hard to engage..

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All seems fine selecting low range and diff lock, it seems to go in easy when traveling about 1-2 mph.

Still doing jobs to it and making it better and better. Next weekend is the timing belt and water pump (I've read doing the pump is a serviceable item so might as well)

Service done and the oil leak from between the engine and gearbox seems to be far less. I think there was too much oil in it in the first place. Transfer box seem to be dribbling. Is there a known seal fault on these?

Also, the hazard warning switch seems to be missing? Did these vehicles have them as standard?

Sorry for the questions, still finding my feet with the 110

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Old Hand,

Do you have any pictures?

My 110 is ex MOD from the base in Suffield, Alberta, Canada. I am the third owner since it 'retired'. It seems to have a hard life in service with LOTS of coats of paint - Green, Yellow, Green...

Best of luck!


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This is how it's looking currently.... I'm planning on going back to Hreen. Haven't decided NATO green or bronze green.


I've irdered a hazard warning switch so I'll look into what connectors I have dangling down. The dash was removed to weld the floor but hasn't been put back on. So I may find I'm a couple of switches short of a full set !

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