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It's been a while...


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Four and a half years ago I moved to Scotland. My Range Rover Classic (pickup) did sterling service on the move, towing my trailer back and forth six times from Leeds to Blairgowrie with huge loads both in the trailer and on the back of the pickup. We did six round trips in 8 days, with all loading and unloading being done by me alone... It was EPIC!

Since that time the RRC has been used less for fun (it's intended use) and more for a winter backup vehicle - we get some good winters up here (the tracks in the foreground are from the RRC):


And it kept on passing it's MoT, and starting when required - sometimes having gone months without attention, until..


I decided it was now too far gone and was used to little to warrant several hundred pounds a year on road tax and insurance (last year it only did 360 miles!) and so I sorned it and evicted it from the barn to the yard where it now lives under a tarp:


But that was a mistake... In the yard it's forlorn outline catches my eye every time I go out and it keeps calling softly to me - so I have decided to start a rebuild!

For a start I am going to sort out the axles (about 45deg play in the propshaft is a bit much I think), then the engine (camshaft etc, I think that the bottom end will be ok) and if those jobs don't 'see me out' I'll start on the bodywork. I have in mind what I call a Mega Moke - sort of a Mini Moke on steroids.

It is my intent to become active here again (it was a great forum a few years ago - I hope it still is) to match my new found interest in the car.

Nothing is going to happen quickly - I have a comfortable life with several time consuming hobbies, and I find as I get older I have developed infinite patience and I tend to think about something for a week or five before starting it - in fact I suspect that I will not live to see the end of this (hence the 'see me out' comment above) but hopefully now and then I can post something that will help or entertain others.

The most enjoyable part of any build (buying some new tools) has already started and so my next post will probably be a review of the Dewalt rattle gun that is winging it's way to me right now. (Excuse for purchase - my arms and hands are no longer strong enough for tight nuts).

Well - that's all for now folks.



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Welcome back Roger. That's a very professional looking tarp effort. Show us a photo please, exactly how far gone is it??? :popcorn-and-drink-smiley-emotic

Well, I will take some photos when it is back in the barn.. :(

The landlord doesn't like the idea of me working out in the farmyard, so back to the barn it is. One of the problems with working in the barn is that the only place where there is enough light is by the door, so I wouldn't be able to get other things in and out... However there is a bright side in that I have been offered more space in other outbuildings in which to put the other stuff from the barn :)

The task list is something like this:

  1. Front axle (diff and hubs) (refurbish)
  2. Rear axle (diff only) (refurbish)
  3. Transfer box rear output bearing and seal (replace) (I think the front is ok - from memory)
  4. Steering box (replace with recon)
  5. heater/blower unit (replace with spare that I liberated from my old Disco - the heater was the only thing that worked well on that :D )
  6. Camshaft/followers, valley gasket (replace)
  7. Heads and valves (refurbish)
  8. Sort out mystery missfire (possible 14CUX replacement)

Anyway - I am hoping to get it in the barn tonight and maybe even up on axle stands - so I might be able to take some pics then.



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  • 11 months later...


I never did get it back into the barn so after it sat under a tarp for a year I finally decided that getting it back on the road was not going to happen (I was on some heart meds at the time which made me feel tired all the time) and so I sold it to an enthusiastic young man who promised me he wouldn't break it but would bring it back into daily use. He even said he would retain it's patina :D (although the rubber chicken would go)

Scroll forwards six months and:

  • I have come off the meds (the doc doesn't know yet - it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission eh?) and suddenly I feel ten years younger. 
  • I have inherited a Disco TD5 from my brother-in-law, who died suddenly a couple of months ago.

The disco is a 53 reg, of 'ES' type with (I think) the 'premium' package (it appears to have a diff-lock, fat roof bars, heated screen and shiny side step things) and, as a bonus, it came with a SORN, no MoT, slipping auto trans, and The Three Amigos.. Oh, and it is currently located 320 miles away. I am going to arrange for it to be transported here (from the Lake District to Aberdeenshire - at a cost of about £450) and see if I can sort the problems, after which I may be tempted to do some 'mild' off-roading style mods. First to go will be those side step things!

On the positive side there is not too much corrosion, the engine appears to be good, it has a newish steering box and battery and a few other things, and the interior (black leather heated seats) is in decent nick except for the headlining.

Oh and it also comes with a Lynx diagnostic thingy. Never used one of those before (never had much in the way of electronics on cars before :) ) so am hoping it will be easy to get going with my laptop , and will tell me all about my three amigos...

So - what do you reckon?:
Is the Disco 2 an ok base for a mild off-road vehicle? 
If I were to try some gentle trialing, would the combination of diff-lock and TC be considered cheating?


I will post some photos of the new toy after this weekend when I go and get it started ready for Shipley to move it.

I will also start a new topic for it when I start to work on it



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Welcome back! Seen a couple of nicely sorted D2's used in anger off-road, they make pretty good progress and can look very smart. Might see if I can dig some pics out for inspiration if I remember...

There's a few come to Shire LRC events so if you're on the facebook you might see pics of what people have done.

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