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300tdi gearbox change


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Hi guys

Here's the story of my gear box change...

So driving home from Aberdeen to Durham my gearbox decided to part company with 5th and reverse (layshaft snapped) just south of Dundee. This left me with two choices, drive home in fourth and hope o don't need to manoeuvre the car at all or wait for the big yellow taxi, I chose to drive, thankfully I could still manage 60 without sounding like it was going to blow up!

The day after getting home I decided to fix the issue with a spare box I had from a scrap disco.

Now common wisdom is to spilt the transmission into gear and transfer box for this job, I decided to see if this was rally necessary ? Well tee original box came out no bother apart from needing every U.J adaptor in the tool box to reach the two top bell housing bolts, just lowered the transfer box to the ground first then slid tee rest off the input shaft easy Peasy with two of us.

Now the fun begins! Firstly trying to lift a combined lt230 and r380 about 3 feet off the floor when lying on your back is rather hard...

So we managed to position ourselves under the two boxes and took the weight on our knees while using our arms to guide everything in, got everything lined up after the 3rd attempt and managed to get three bolts into the belgousing job done I thought!

It wasn't to be!

The little locating dowels had stayed in the engine when we took the old box out and unnoticed to us they had stayed with the donor gearbox when we removed it from the scrap vehicle... Que various exclamations!

Swift application of a breaker bar smashed them onto the floor so we could get everything tightened (probably not the reccomended method but I was getting sick by this point) and the cross member and props back in. This was the end of the first day so I thought 20 minutes in the morning to bleed the clutch and I'll be back on the road!

Next morning...

Absolutely no feel in the clutch pedal so my dad was opening the nipple while I pumped the clutch, every 5-8 pump I would get half a pedal and ten loose it totally, this went on all morning until we had a brainwave, we didn't have a bleeding kit but made our own out of a washer motor and an old pop bottle! Worked a treat and got the clutch bled on the 3rd attempt! Until we tried tightening the bleed nipple and the whole thing sheared off....

Nip to the store and acquire a new slave cylinder, put in place and loose the entire clutch again, ? 3 hours of bleeding later still not clutch pedal! So we left it at an angle on the Ramps over night with the nipple open to see if it would drain through, kind off, the clutch would disengage but had no feel so something still wrong, we replaced all the pipes and the master cylinder and after another 60 minutes of swearing there was a clutch! Not quite what there was before but I couldn't face losing what was there so we called it a day and I've accepted that's all I'm getting.

2 months down the line all is holding together well and has covered 3000 trouble free miles, apart from the steering damper falling off ?

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Bleeding the clutch on a Land Rover is an art, the problem being the vertical height difference between the clutch slave and master cylinders -- and the horrible fact that air has a tendency to want to rise to the top of any fluid.

Next time: Disconnect the line at the master cylinder, fluid, if the seals and piston are good in the master cylinder shouldn't bleed out, but if you do get a wee bit of leakage block off the vent hole in the reservoir. Okay, connect the open end of the line to a clean glass or plastic bottle and then with a transmission fluid pump, filled with hydraulic fluid, connect the pump hose to the slave cylinder nipple and undo the nipple, push the pump handle until 90% of the fluid (mine holds a litre) has been bushed through the line to the master cylinder, all the entrapped air will have been ejected from the system. Close the nipple, remove the pump, reconnect the line to the master cylinder, job done. If you still dont have a good peddle then I'd be looking at the clutch push rod

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Thanks for that boydie, I suspect that any remaining issue is with the push rod or the release bearing as if sitting with my foot in the clutch in first at traffic lights for example, when j home to move off the pedal comes up so far with nothing happening then there is a kind of jerk comes through the pedal and the car as a whole and the car starts to move, sometimes it's worse than others.


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