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Heating duct dimension request

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I was wondering if anyone had to had the dimensions, internal and external, of the heating ducts and grommets that link the heating duct to the windscreen demisters on a 1989 110 please?

Part numbers MTC6382 and MRC7281 respectivley. ( http://www.allbrit.de/UNI.cfm?PAGE=760899&SPRACHE=EN#4 )

After I replaced my bulkhead I noted these needed replacing but, at the time, I just needed to get back on the road so did not replace them. If no one has the dimensions to hand no worries I'll dismantle the dash ( again ) and measure them myself at some point. The plan is to replace the cracked ducting and place short rigid pipes inside the bottom of the ducts to better link to the heater duct and also install a constrictor on the passenger side to direct more airflow to the driver side for faster demisting. At the moment the ducts spew air out and what, little amount, makes it to the demisters could be described as pitiful at best.

many thanks

Rich T

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if you haven't actually got these parts they are plentiful on Ebay for about £25. as for directing more flow to the drivers side. i removed the top vent trim. i put some black electrical tape across the vent apprx 1/3 at each end. so now the passenger vent only blows from the middle. as youve said the system is poor at best. the actual amount of extra air going to the drivers side is just noticeable.

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