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Tdi conversion - where do I stand?


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Hi guys

Git my 90 back yesterday after being converted to 300tdi and r380.

The garage has done an amazing job of what they have done, everything is factory 300 spec for ease of spares and I know it's better than what u could've done.

The problem is they've cut corners towards the end due to running out of time.

I left the 90 with them in the middle of March and asked if it could be back by the 1st of June which they said was no problem, driving past every day I could see it hadn't moved, I kept calling in and reminding them of the deadline but always got told it'll be next week, eventually I gave him £500 to start it asap as time was running out, the car still hasn't moved by the 1st of June so I gave an ultimatum, it goes in or I take it away.

Long story short the new deadline was the 1st July but I didn't get the car back till the 15th because it didn't even get into the garage till the 1st of July.

Now that I'm desperate for the 90 as my disco insurance runs out tonight I've found a list of problems.

1. Gearbox they supplied crunches in 2nd and 4th

2. Transfer box I supplied isn't the one that's fitted

3. He didn't fit an air filter (ran out of time because he left it so late) and drove 15 miles to the not station

4. Various scratches to the front end paint work (brand new paint about 18 months ago)

5. R380 I supplied to be fixed is missing from my box of parts

6. Smashed reversing lights

7. Blanking plates missing from timing case

Plus other small minor details

Like I said. The actual fitting is really good, but because he left it so late and I need the car now he had to rush it through

Would you guys say I'm entitled to complain about the state of affairs?



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Yes, withhold payment. Agree a date and time that you go in there to see them, explain your points as above, remain calm, and state how you expect them to resolve it, agree a timeline and go from there

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Yes try keep calm as getting angry and frustrated does no good at all and will only "get their back up"

I'd politely tell them you are giving them the benefit of the doubt and the chance to rectify the very poor service (what it sounds like), before the need for trading standards to get involved.

Good luck, keep us posted.

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