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Zeus disc brakes (and others)

Chicken Drumstick

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I'm considering looking at some disc brakes, initially for the front axle, but may do the rear afterwards too.

Now I have nothing against drums and know that well serviced they can work quite well. But they are more prone to locking individual wheels and really show up a weakness if you drive through lots of deep water.

In my experience I've also had a lot more issues and maintenance with drums rather than discs over the years.

Does anyone know anything about the Zeus kit? I've done some Googling, but not really found the answers I'm looking for.

I'm led to believe the discs are machined to fit the kit.

Q. Does anyone know what exactly is done to them and what the discs are originally from? I heard someone say Jag, but know little else. I don't mind the discs needing machining, but what I don't want is to end up without any replacements years down the line.

Likewise, does anyone know what callipers and pads are used? The Zeus site conveniently doesn't say.

I know these are non vented. But tbh so were the ones on my 200Tdi Disco 1 and they did fine, even with 33" Simex's.

I do like the look of they Heystee kits, but the prices are quite a bit more when all said and done. And I'm not fussed about running standard rims or originality.

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I think the calipers are made by Zeus. The discs were Chrysler or Chevy, not sure which, but the former I think, machined to fit the hub and drilled for the wheel studs. I don't know if that has changed in the last few years.

Gremlin had a better solution with custom brackets to mount LR calipers and using standard LR hubs and discs. He may be able to give you advice.

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Why don't you just call Zeus and ask ?

We have on the Hybrid their kit (front & rear) and it is basically fit & forget. Mintex brakepads.

Disks show no signs of wear after many miles and abuse.

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I mentioned the Heyatee kit in my op. Only real issue is the price. But given free choice they are the one I'd go for. But sadly money will play a factor.

Waiting to hear back from Zeus, there are on their annual shutdown at the mo.

Same here Chicken,

I've got a kit in order already for 1.5 weeks but no reply yet on what money to put where.

Did get some reply but they are (as far as I understand) on holiday in the sun :) :)

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Don't suppose you have any other info on those kits? YakYak don't seem to have any web presence. Thanks.

In what sense? Will Donaldson makes them, YakYak are the sales agent...I think... I bought mine direct from Will in November '14 I think it was. You'll find him on Farcebook

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