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Sluggish starting TD5

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I've been investigating for a while why this may be and have come up with 2 possibilities, faulty MAF or maybe sticking EGR valve. I've been led to believe the MAF sensor sends info to the EGR valve and been contemplating for a while blanking off the EGR valve anyway so rather than spend £100+ on a replacement MAF sensor will disconnecting the MAF and blanking off the EGR valve rule out those 2 possibilities leaving no detrimental effects in performance?

Am I likely to see any dash warnings lights for taking such action?

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TD5's usually start on the button regardless of MAF.

I have a friend who didn't know he had two wires pulled out of his ECU and had neither MAF or Air temp input but used the car every day for 5 years and thought that was all TD5's could do until I took him out in mine.

Blanking and removing EGR won't put up any dash warning lights.

I would look at other things if its cranking but not firing.... If you can, get some sort of diagnostics plugged in... Sharing your location may help as someone near you may have something like nanocom or Faultmate...

Starter battery... Is it holding charge and over 12 volts?

New battery in Key Fob?

Replace crank sensor?


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i'd check the injector return lines are tight too. i had one that was lose and sucking in air, it doesnt take much. Maff sensors can be cleaned with carb cleaner. EGRs can be cleaned too. they get quite messed up. you might be able to refit the EGR the wrong way round, that means it thinks its working but the port is always closed, saves buying the blanking kit. ( we do this to improve performance on Vivaro vans )

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In follow-up to this it turned out to be the MAF sensor, once the new one was fitted it starts on the button and revs as it should,

Getting to the bottom of this hasn't come cheap after i was fooled into thinking loosing fuel pressure was to blame, but after a new fuel pump, new injector seals, washers and wiring loom, replaced all the fuel lines and internal and external filters, fitted a new fuel pressure regulator the saga has now finally ended :o, thank heavens because at one stage i envisaged ending up in the street!!

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