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300tdi - LT77 queries

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Ok so today I found my earth problem and got the 300tdi fired up but unfortunately I can't move it as I can't get the clutch to bleed. After a post last week I took the advice and bought new slave and master cylinder but still it won't bleed. I know the pipes clear as iv run fluid down it. Is there anything else I could be missing?

Also I fitted a 300tdi accelerator cable but even on full adjustment it runs at a high idle. Can I use the original 2.5na cable or is there another cable I can use?

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I just used the na cable on the same mods 300 tdi to LT77 using na flywheel housing modified

On the clutch I used the na 2.5 along with the slave and master and don't recall any problems (for a change)

Are you sure the slave rod is seated on the clutch fork, do have any pressure on the pedal?

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I found that there wasn't enough length/movement on my 300tdi throttle cable, so I carefully cut off a bit more of the square thread part of the outer sheath, this gave me just enough range of movement to get full throttle and still have a little slack in the cable with the FIP throttle arm on the idle stop

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Absolutley no pressure at all in the pedal other than that of the spring. Will pull out the slave and check the rod.

I have the 300 cable adjusted as far as it goes and it still idles hard. Will just reinstall the old na cable and see how it goes.

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