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10 best uk routes


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Lots and lots of great roads. And while we are on the subject, green lanes are technically roads too. So they are not off roading.

I did the Strata Florida recently. It was ok, but wouldn't rush to do it again. There were more scenic lanes in the area and arguably more fun ones.

For normal Tarmac roads there are hundreds of miles of great roads in the Lakes, Peaks, Yorkshire, North and Mid Wales and loads of Scotland. And lots of nice places inbetween.

As for green lanes. Again there are hundreds of them. And few will have driven the majority of them. Magazines tend to publicise many these days. But tbh going with people who have done it for years and know many routes is a good way to learn. Also it generally wouldn't be advisable to lane on your own.

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I think the pass of the cattle has got to be included.

A169 Pickering to Whitby.

Hardknott pass.

Strines Moor A6013 through Wigtwizzle.

B1363 Sutton Bank to Easingwold.

Llanberis pass.

West coast road of Mull.

All memorable.

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Fairly sure there's a book about the A303 as well, blindingly obvious stop is Stonehenge but coincide it with Glastonbury if that's your bag.

And there is a byway that takes you right past as well :)

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Just back from a trip in Scotland. Starting really at Glencoe but the drive past Loch Lomond was also good.

Glencoe - fort william - arisaig - sand of morar - spean bridge - Caledonian canal - newtonmore - - laggan - fort william - Glencoe and homeward bound.....


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Shame it has been closed for the past 5 years or more :-(

I thought it was back open again as of 2013, albeit the previous open times of month of March and then September to mid October.

TRF currently advises riding between the old dates and refers to this link...


Unless they have it wrong. You could try it in a weeks time Mark and let us know. ;) ;)

cheers, Steve

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