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Not falling into gears

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Did a small trip of 500km and came back with no issues whatsoever in the 110.

Next morning wanted to take the Landy for a wash and noticed that the Clutch was acting in the last 25% of its travel and not fully. Its got a Redbooster Servo. Somehow managed to drive back even though it was a little difficult to change gears.

First bled the system to check no air which was not there. Still the clutch was the same. Then removed the slave cylinder to find it rusted and the piston movement was not smooth. Replaced it with the 1st new slave cylinder, beld it and topped it with clutch fluid and this time the clutch pedal was much better but now she wont shift into any gear at all when the engine is ON. Also checked the master cylinder and its OK. Tried two more slave cylinders and same problem.

If I switch off the engine then the gears fall into place. Not sure what is happened. Is the clutch not getting activate through the slave cylinder or the release bearing has collapsed?

Any inputs are welcome.

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red lease arm popped through. take the slave out and take a peak. if you havent got one, buy an inspection camera. you can probe though and see the release arm. if its gone you'll be pulling the box out. you can put a heavy duty release arm on or weld a patch on it where its punched through.

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Ah, stainless with plastic (nylon?)inner? No rubber, then. It's just that sometimes the standard rubber hose fails, and can cause bizarre symptoms. Your high tech upgrade avoids that particular failure point.


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THanks G. Giving it one more try tomorrow with one more slave cylinder failing which I will have to drop the gearbox down and do the entire clutch once and for all. might be 4 to seven years since I did the clutch with the Valeo HD kit. Thankgod it happend outside my house itself. Would have been a killer if it happend on the way back from my trip.

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Before commiting to dropping the gb consider trying to work out if its hydraulic or mechanical problems.

With the slave cylinder removed and the engine running out of gear you should hear the input shaft and lay shaft rotating in the gear box.

Useing a long bar i would very carefully push the release arm where the slave cylinder acts on it through the bell housing opening where the slave cylinder sits (watch out for the rotating flywheel)

If you hear the gear box stop rotating then your problem is hydraulic if the box wont stop rotating your probably going to have to get things to pieces.

If your working without a ramp and transmission jack I find it easier to lift the engine than drop the gearbox to get at the clutch.

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