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Discovery 1 leather seat re-trim


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Well after saying goodbye to my old 200TDi Defender I have now joined the Discovery family and just purchased a 1998 Discovery 1 V8i ES. It seems a bit of a gift horse at the moment although there are a few issues I'd like to sort out. One of them being the drivers seat. I don't know what one of the previous owners spilt in his lap but it's given a stain on the leather. I'm hoping that a lot of leather cleaner and elbow grease will sort it out but if not then I'd like to retrim it but browsing and search on tint-er-net has brought up bugger all.

I know Exmoor trim do re-trim kits but not for the later seats with headrest. Is there anyone out there who does do a DIY re-trim kit???

Once that is done I can look at getting the leaking sunroof sorted out...then the exhaust centre silencer, electric seat buttons, air con, intermittant cruise control and the tyre sizes sorted out.

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